HMS Iron Duke has arrived in Hull to celebrate its place as the UK’s city of culture

The ship has the freedom of the city, which allows the crew to march through its streets with colours flying and bayonets fixed.

The public will be able to look all round the ship, the galley, the sleeping quarters and see her weaponry.

Since returning from a NATO deployment to the Baltic in July, HMS Iron Duke has been undergoing maintenance in Plymouth and only returned to sea last month.

As well as a few new parts, a third of the 127-strong crew on board have never worked at sea before.

"It is a challenge - there is a lot to learn about being at sea,", the ship's captain, Commander Steven Banfield said.

"We do a lot of training shoreside in our shore establishments, but there's nothing quite like being on a ship that moves and the equipment on board. It's a great challenge, and it's one of the best parts of my job.

"It's a huge privilege to watch these really young sailors grow into experienced sailors, and watch them get promoted up through the ranks and show their dedication they all have to the Royal Navy and helping people."

HMS Iron Duke will be in Hull for four days before embarking on a mini-tour of the UK, including Chatham, Cardiff and Great Yarmouth.

HMS Iron Duke
After visiting Hull, the frigate will visit places in the UK rarely reached by the Royal Navy