HMS Northumberland Brings Submarine Hunting Skills To Naval War Games

A multinational task force of 20 ships and 36 aircraft is taking part in Exercise Cutlass Fury.

HMS Northumberland hunting submarines on Exercise Cutlass Fury (Picture: Royal Navy).

HMS Northumberland has brought its submarine hunting skills to the largest Canadian-led naval war games for decades.

She and NATO allies are testing their defence capabilities as a multinational taskforce, with 20 ships and 36 aircraft on Exercise Cutlass Fury, off the east coast of Canada.

The group has been operating in the seas off Nova Scotia, proving its worth in air defence, defence against attacks from enemy navies, air-to-air combat and Northumberland's specialism - countering submarines.

Cutlass Fury aims to strengthen NATO ties, with involvement from Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, USA and the UK, as well as NATO’s Standing Naval Maritime Group 1.

The warship has been locating subs, planning attacks and chasing targets, using her weapons systems which include torpedoes, depth charges and her Merlin MK2 helicopter.

20 ships and 36 aircraft are on Exercise Cutlass Fury, off the east coast of Canada (Picture: Royal Navy).

"There is nowhere to hide really from a warship like Northumberland. We will find that submarine," Northumberland’s Weapons Engineering Officer, Lieutenant Commander Markus Adcock said.

The exercise is also getting the Type 23 frigate geared up for activities with HMS Queen Elizabeth on Westlant 19.

The aircraft carrier will soon be testing the UK’s F-35B Lightning jets for the first time and will be supported by Northumberland, Type-45 destroyer HMS Dragon and RFA Tideforce as part of a Carrier Strike Group.