HMS Medway: Royal Navy's Newest Warship Welcomed Into Senior Service

She is the second River-class offshore patrol vessel in the naval fleet.

The Royal Navy's newest warship has been added to the fleet at a ceremony on the river she was named after.

HMS Medway was welcomed into the Senior Service in Kent today, the second River-class offshore patrol vessel in the fleet.

Commander Ben Power, Captain, HMS Medway, said: "I can do a whole variety of operations - counter narcotics, counter-smuggling, marine enforcement, standard presence and deterrence operations, escort duties, there's a whole range of things we could do."

The 2,600-tonne, 90-metre long ocean-going warship will be based in Portsmouth.

Medway's company was inspected by its sponsor who first named the shipm Lady Fallon, the wife of former defence secretary Sir Michael Fallon.

Lady Fallon inspects HMS Medway's company.

It is just three months since those men and women first set sail on their ship, from the Glasgow yard where she was built.

They have completed basic operational sea training in almost-record time.

Sub-Lieutenant Luke Murphy, Gunnery Officer, HMS Medway, said: "This ship's been great fun to take it from build all the way out so we've been able to make the ship our home and we will forever be the first generation of ship's company on Medway, and that's something really special, especially at events like this.

"With the fact that we are globally deployable, this ship has a reach to go anywhere in the world which makes it exciting to be on and we can look forward to some really global operations in the years to come hopefully."

Following the ceremony, there was a chance for Medway's company to show their loved ones around the ship where they will work and live for months at a time.

This ship is the eleventh HMS Medway, the first to carry the name in nearly half a century.