HMS Montrose Captures Drugs Worth £6m In Gulf

Sailors and Royal Marines intercepted more than a tonne of cannabis in the Gulf of Oman.

The Royal Navy has made its second major drugs bust in the Gulf of Oman in three weeks.

Sailors and Royal Marines seized more than a tonne of cannabis on the 'Hashish Highway', estimated to be worth more than £6m in UK street value.

In a two-day operation, the team from HMS Montrose recovered bales of hash from the water, before discovering a secret narcotics cache hidden aboard a dhow.

The frigate's Wildcat helicopter spotted the boat moving in waters renowned for use by traffickers.

By sunrise the next day, the warship was in position nearby, and personnel were ready to make their move.

"I am very proud of the crew of HMS Montrose - last week we were 800 miles away providing maritime security for merchant shipping in the Gulf and Strait of Hormuz, and this week disrupting the flow of illegal narcotics", the ship's Commanding Officer, Commander Charles Collins said.

HMS Montrose's Wildcat helicopter crew
The frigate's Wildcat helicopter and crew (Picture: Royal Navy).

It comes just three weeks after two-and-a-half tonnes of the drug were captured by HMS Defender.

It is the second success for Montrose, the ship and her crew having intercepted crystal meth and heroin, worth around £1m, in October.

Armed Forces Minister James Heappey said: "Our servicemen and women, once again, have proved that their skill and professionalism can disrupt major criminal organisations and continue to keep our citizens safe."

Cover image: Royal Navy frigate HMS Montrose (Picture: Royal Navy).