Building A Tribute To The Women's Royal Naval Service

This year marks the centenary of the Women's Royal Naval Service.

To mark this milestone the Werns 100 group have commissioned a sculpture commemorating the service. 

Taking shape, the stone block is well on its way to becoming a permanent tribute to the Women's Royal Naval service. 

100 years ago they were formed and It was the start of a hugely significant movement in the role of women in the United Kingdom.

Wrens past and present have raised funds for this sculpture and a number of other events this year to mark their centenary.

The campaign asked women associated with the service to donate £1 for every year of service – or service of a relative.

The resulting sculpture takes the form of four hats – showcasing a part of the uniform the women wore throughout their service before they became fully integrated into the Royal Navy in 1993.

And as a female sculptor taking on the commission paying tribute to women – the pressure to deliver is high.

The finished sculpture will be unveiled and put on display in Portsmouth in November. 

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