Gulf: £100,000 Of Damage After Navy Ships Collision

The Ministry of Defence has said the incident, which involved HMS Chiddingfold and HMS Penzance, is "under investigation".

Two Royal Navy ships have been involved in a collision in the Gulf, leading to approximately £100,000 of damage.

HMS Chiddingfold hit HMS Penzance when attempting to berth at the UK naval base in Bahrain.

A Ministry of Defence spokesperson said the "incident is under investigation".

"Early indications are that a combination of wind, tide and equipment failure frustrated attempts for HMS Chiddingfold to remain clear of another minehunter," the spokesperson said.

"Repairs to HMS Chiddingfold will take place during the maintenance period she returned to Bahrain for. 

"Our other ships in the region continue to carry out their duties as usual and there is no impact to operational commitments."

HMS Chiddingfold left Portsmouth in June 2020 for a three-year deployment to the Gulf as part of Operation Kipion, helping to maintain shipping routes through the region.

HMS Penzance deployed that same month, with the two minehunter ships taking over from HMS Blyth and HMS Ledbury.

Cover image: HMS Chiddingfold pictured alongside in Bahrain in January while deployed on Op Kipion (Picture: MOD).