Navy Frigate Leaves To Join HMS Queen Elizabeth In US

Type 23 frigate HMS Monmouth will help the aircraft carrier conduct flight trials.

A Type 23 frigate is to leave Plymouth today to join HMS Queen Elizabeth in the United States.

HMS Monmouth will join the aircraft carrier as an escort to help conduct flight trials with the F-35B fighter jets.

HMS Queen Elizabeth left Portsmouth at the weekend to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Three Commando Merlin Mark 4 helicopters joined the carrier on Monday as part of Exercise West Lant 18 - the journey to the US.

HMS Monmouth, which spent the majority of 2017 on deployment, will oversee the first landings and take-offs during the flight trials.

The Type 23 left Plymouth on Thursday morning:

Navy Frigate To Join HMS Queen Elizabeth In US

We are LIVE as HMS Monmouth deploys for four months as HMS Queen Elizabeth’s guard ship:

Posted by Forces News on Thursday, 23 August 2018