Naval Spitfire gifted to military charity Navy Wings

The aim of Navy Wings is to keep planes travelling around the country, informing people about the history of naval aviation.

A naval version of the famous Spitfire has been gifted to the charity Navy Wings. 

The Supermarine Seafire SX 336, the only Mark 17 version still able to fly, landed at RNAS Yeovilton on Wednesday and will now take part in displays across the country. 

Commodore Jock Alexander, Chief Executive of Navy Wings, told Forces News an individual called the charity and offered to buy them the Seafire.

"He wishes to remain anonymous, which is great, and that's how we managed to purchase this, because we could never afford to buy this as a small charity," he said.

The Seafire will join the charity's eclectic selection of aircraft with a naval flavour, with Navy Wings' aim to keep the planes in the air, travelling around the country and informing people about the history of naval aviation.