NATO's UK-led Allied Rapid Reaction Corps returns to Germany for warfighting drills

Exercise Steadfast Leda, NATO's biggest tactical-level exercise in 2021, launched last week with close to 4,000 participants across Europe.

NATO's Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) has returned to Germany for the first time since leaving its Rheindaheln base and moving to Gloucestershire 11 years ago.

The British-led ARRC, currently on standby as NATO's current warfighting headquarters at readiness, is taking part in a 10-day warfighting exercise called Steadfast Leda, NATO's biggest tactical-level exercise in 2021.

Close to 4,000 participants are working in numerous locations across Europe, a forward element of the headquarters is training in Poland while the Main and Rear Command posts are now at Sennelager in Germany.