NATO's Allied Rapid Reaction Corps celebrates 10 years at Gloucestershire base

The coronavirus pandemic disrupted plans for a grand parade to mark the anniversary.

NATO's Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) has celebrated 10 years of being based in Gloucestershire.

The road leading to Imjin Barracks, ARRC’s headquarters, has been renamed Rheindahlen Road – a nod to its former home.

ARRC Deputy Commander, Major General Lorenzo D’addario, said: “It is important, I think, to mark 10 years here in this fantastic part of Britain.

"We as an international community, you know that 21 nations are hosted in the headquarters, are enjoying it very much."

ARRC dates back to the early 1990s – its formation parade took place in October 1992.

In many ways, it was an experiment – the Allies’ first military response to the post-Soviet world and ensuing uncertainty.

The corps soon became integrated into British Forces Germany and multinational communities were formed in Bielefeld and then Rheindahlen.

Personnel and a crier pictured at celebrations to mark 10 years of ARRC in Gloucestershire (Picture: NATO).

It was first put through its paces in late 1995, when it led the IFOR Peace Implementation Force in Bosnia – NATO's first operational deployment on land.

Four years later, the Balkans provided another challenge when the headquarters headed the KFOR mission in Kosovo, following ethnic conflict between Serbs and Albanians.

In March 2006, the ARRC took over the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) headquarters in Afghanistan, presiding over the roll out of ISAF from Kabul right across the country.

In 2010, Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal oversaw ARRC’s departure from its home in Rheindahlen, heralding its move to Imjin Barracks (formerly RAF Innsworth).

Lieutenant Colonel Peter Kruijver, HQ ARRC, told Forces News: "It makes it interesting because we have a lot of different knowledge, knowledge from different kinds of angles, so you can solve problems in a different way.

"People bring their own experiences.

"The HQ can and is benefitting from that as well."