NATO Set To Introduce Its First Defence Cloud Capability

The alliance has selected Thales to provide its first theatre-level deployable defence cloud capability.

NATO is set to introduce its first certified defence cloud capability.

French company Thales has been chosen to provide the alliance with the system, named 'Nexium Defence Cloud', which can be deployed in operation theatres in under 24 hours.

It comes as military operations have become increasingly data-driven, with access to critical data and applications being crucial.

The system enables forces to analyse and share data in real-time from the command centre to the battlefield, accelerating the decision cycle to gain an operational advantage, Thales said.

Until now, it could take several months and dozens of specialised engineers working at sites close to the combat zone to deploy the assets required. 

But Thales said its defence cloud system means a small team of experts can deploy IT services and applications to locations thousands of kilometres away in just a few hours.

Marc Darmon, Executive Vice-President of Secure Communications and Information Systems at Thales, said: "Thales is proud to be contributing to the digital transformation of the armed forces by providing this first deployable, certified, tactical defence cloud solution. 

"We are grateful to NATO for renewing their trust in our expertise in secure, interoperable information and communication systems."

Cover image: PA.