NATO marks 30th anniversary of fall of Berlin Wall 061119 CREDIT NATO TV

NATO Marks 30 Years Since Fall Of Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall fell on 9 November 1989 - paving the way for East and West Germany to be reunited.

NATO marks 30th anniversary of fall of Berlin Wall 061119 CREDIT NATO TV

A ceremony was held around the Berlin Wall Memorial, outside NATO headquarters (Picture: NATO TV).

NATO officials have marked 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall in a ceremony at the Alliance's headquarters in Brussels. 

Representatives from across the Alliance gathered around its Berlin Wall Memorial to mark the anniversary.

The memorial - made up of two blocks from the wall - acts as a "solemn reminder", according to Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

"They serve as a symbol of hope and a solemn reminder to all those who pass by, to never take freedom and democracy for granted," he said.

"We must defend them every day and we must continue to stand united."

East German workers constructing the Berlin Wall
The Berlin Wall being constructed in August, 1961 (Picture: PA).

The fall of the Berlin Wall helped bring an end to the decades of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the West.

It was heavily guarded and separated East and West Germany which were formed in the wake of World War Two.

The wall divided both the people of Berlin and the ideology of the Soviet Union in the East and the western powers, including the UK.

Speaking at the ceremony, Germany's Ambassador to NATO, Hans-Dieter Lucas, said: "The human desire for freedom turned the division of Europe and the Cold War into things of the past.

"On this special anniversary, we also remember all the victims of this war and the political system it stood for. 

"All those who were killed trying to escape to West Berlin, as well as those who were captured and ended up in jail, longing for their freedom."

The 30th anniversary of the Wall's collapse is on Saturday, 9 November.