Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has spoken to Forces Network after the British government publicly blamed Russia for a cyberattack that affected companies and organisations across the world in June last year.

Speaking to Laura Makin-Isherwood from Brussels, he said:

"It's dealing with the reality of how warfare is changing. It's making sure that we have the right ability to deal with the increasing threats.

"It's no longer about the warfare that we'll fight just on land, sea and air but increasingly it will be [about] cyber and space as well. NATO has to adapt... [to] increasing threats through state actors like Russia."

The so-called 'NotPetya' virus is estimated to have cost firms more than $1.2 billion (£850 million) and also crippled IT systems within the NHS.

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Foreign minister for cyber security Lord Ahmad said the UK's decision to identify the Kremlin as the perpetrator underlines the fact the government will not tolerate "malicious cyber activity".

The government said the attack by the Russian military was aimed at Ukrainian computer networks but its indiscriminate design spread beyond the intended target of financial, energy and government networks.

Tanks in eastern Ukraine

Ukraine has been locked in a bitter conflict with Russian-backed separatists since Russian forces annexed the coastal region of Crimea in 2014.

Russia has denied responsibility for the 'NotPetya' attack.

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