NATO Battlegroup Helps Reunite Lost Dog With Owner In Estonia

The dog was found roaming the Tapa training area in Estonia.

Soldiers from NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) battlegroup in Estonia have helped reunite a lost dog with his owner.

Roi had got lost after getting frightened by New Year’s Eve fireworks and ended up roaming the Tapa training area.

NATO Battlegroup Estonia wrote in a Facebook post "thankfully, as he was hungry, some of the soldiers’ sandwiches finally lured him to safety".

Roi was found roaming the Tapa training area in Estonia (Picture: NATO Battlegroup Estonia/Facebook).

"Soldiers from the eFP Battlegroup are delighted to have played a small part, alongside the efforts of many others over these past weeks," the post read.

"We wish Roi and his owner all the best for the future!"

Colonel Paul Clayton, Commander of the UK contribution to eFP, tweeted it was "great to see the care and initiative" used by the soldiers to help return Roi to his owner.

There are four multinational NATO battlegroups deployed along the eastern part of the alliance in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Estonia under the eFP programme.

The troops are there to enhance Euro-Atlantic security, reassure allies and deter adversaries.

Cover image: Roi was found by the troops after getting frightened by fireworks on New Year's Eve (Picture: NATO Battlegroup Estonia/Facebook).