Music Ride Shows Skills Of Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment

The Mounted Band of the Household Cavalry and Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment have been wowing crowds at the 75th Royal Windsor Horse...

Horsemanship set to music provided an impressive military display at the 75th Royal Windsor Horse Show.

The show in the grounds of Windsor Castle, the first of which dates back to 1943, was originally dedicated to raising money for the war effort to pay for Spitfires and raised £391,197 as part of a Wings for Victory fundraising campaign.

Riders from the Mounted Band of the Household Cavalry and the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, who took to the arena for The Musical Ride, were among the military showing off their skills.

The Musical Ride is a chance to show off the very best of the regiment's horseriding skills.

Natasha Reneaux caught up with Captain James Faire, Musical Ride Officer and 2nd in command of the Blues and Royals Squadron at the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment…

A Musical Ride has been performed to the public since 1882 when a mounted display team from the Household Cavalry performed manoeuvres to music at the Royal Tournament. 

The display demonstrates not only the regiment's horsemanship but also drill.

Part of the performance includes showing the skill of laying the horses down and standing up on the saddles.

This skill was once something all the soldiers and horses in the regiment would have been able to do, as, during battle, laying the horses down would have been able to protect and conceal the cavalry units from enemy gunfire and also provided a stable firing platform for the rider. 

Often seen on ceremonial duty, The Household Cavalry are a unique regiment as they also serve as fighting soldiers on operation. 

The Household Cavalry Foundation looks after serving and injured soldiers, their dependants, veterans, the battalions beautiful retired horses and their unique heritage. 

Natasha Reneux caught up with Giles Stibbe, Director of the Household Cavalry Foundation...


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