Haunted Military Base

The Most Haunted Military Sites In Britain

Take a look at some of the UK's spookiest forces sites...

Haunted Military Base

The entrance to Fulwood barracks (Picture: Preston Digital Archive).

RAF Wickenby, Lincolnshire

Figures are known to haunt the runway and control room, footsteps and scraping sounds are heard through the walls, and a pilot appears before disappearing.

RAF Wickenby was a purpose-built RAF station housing bombers used in the Second World War.

Although the station was only operational for a short period of time, 1,080 lives from RAF Wickenby were lost.

They are commemorated at the RAF Wickenby memorial.

One of the station’s notable employees was Michael Bentine of 'The Goon Show', who worked there during the war as an intelligence officer.

It is reported that, working one night, Bentine walked past his fellow officer ‘Pop’, and the pair exchanged greetings.

The next morning, however, Michael discovered that 'Pop' had died two days earlier...

RAF Wickenby
RAF Wickenby's old airfield (Picture: Alan Murray-Rust/Geograph).

RAF Binbrook, Lincolnshire

The former officers mess at RAF Binbrook is allegedly haunted, with a number of ghost sightings have been reported there.

However, the best-known story is about Sergeant Sinclair, an Australian worker who reportedly blew himself up attempting to damage a Lancaster Bomber during the Second World War.

After Sergeant Sinclair’s death, a presence was seen lurking around the base, walking the road surrounding the airfield, and waving his arms in the air on the runway, attempting to flag down aircraft.

Other ghost sightings include an officer in full RAF uniform, who then disappears as soon as he is spotted.

RAF Binbrook
Abandoned hangers at RAF Binbrook (Picture: Richard Croft/Wikipedia).

Fulwood Barracks

The old Officer’s Mess at Fulwood Barracks is notoriously haunted.

Accounts have appeared in multiple sources of incidents which took place in the 19th and early 20th century.

The most noteworthy story of ghostly sightings at the barracks occurred way back in 1861, when young Private Patrick McCaffery murdered his Commanding Officer and Adjutant.

He was subsequently tried and executed in front of a crowd.

Now, McCaffery’s ghost is said to haunt the old Officer's Mess.

Many generations of soldiers have said to have sighted the ghost, and it is even now used to explain strange happenings or unexpected noises that occur at the site.

The site also used to be home to a Roman Road, and it is said that on dark and stormy nights a ghostly troop of Roman Soldiers might be sighted marching along the side of the old road.

Fulwood Barracks
The entrance to Fulwood barracks (Picture: Peter Bond/Geograph).

RAF Metheringham, Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire airfields seem to be hotspots for hauntings.

Undoubtedly one of the most interesting is the so-called "Metheringham Lass" who stands at the side of what was once RAF Metheringham’s airfield.

The figure of a young woman named Catherine Bystock, a member of the WAAF, who had been engaged to a Flight Sergeant, allegedly appears.

It is reported that she was killed in a motorcycle accident close to the site.

The ghost appears in the summer months at around 9:30 pm – the time when she was supposedly killed, and always after dusk starts to fall.

She is said to have haunted the spot for over 60 years.

RAF Metheringham
RAF Metheringham's control tower (Picture: Chris Lowe/Geograph).