Paul and Edwin On The Court
Invictus Games

The Moment That Shows What The Invictus Games Are All About

A helicopter disrupted play triggering an emotional flashback for Paul Guest from Team UK.

Paul and Edwin On The Court

The moment Edwin Vermetten went over to Paul Guest (Getty Images/Invictus Games Sydney 2018).

Team UK was represented alongside the Netherlands in the wheelchair tennis match at the Invictus Games on Monday.

During the match, a helicopter flying overhead led to UK competitor Paul Guest becoming visibly affected, triggering so much emotion he was unable to complete his serve.

His Dutch playing partner Edwin Vermetten straight away realised what was happening went to Paul's side to comfort him.

The pair embraced forehead to forehead in the middle of the court and remained in the embrace until Paul felt he could continue.

The duo went on to win a medal in the wheelchair tennis.

'Brothers for life' - wheelchair tennis duo talk about the moment that happened on the tennis court

Paul was injured while serving as a mine warfare specialist in 1986, damaging his neck and spine and also being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Following the on-court incident with Edwin, Paul Guest said: "I suffer from PTSD and I have flashbacks and things like that.

"Some of my trigger points, the obvious things - fireworks, loud noises.

"One of them is the noise of a helicopter, rotor blades and things like that.

"I just go into a completely different world.

"Edwin understands straight away, so do the team, the crowd, they all just get behind me and just got me through it."

Speaking to reporters after the match, Edwin Vermetten said it was the theme song to Frozen that broke the tension the helicopter overhead had caused:

"I took him by the face and said 'look at me, we are a team so let it go'."

"'Look into my eyes and sing the Frozen song', and we did.

"For him, this was the moment he let go and he did, he literally let it go."

The duo went on to win the match against Team USA.

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