First F-35B vertical landing

MoD Denies Secrets Were Stolen In Tinder Hack

The Ministry of Defence has refuted a report in The Mail on Sunday that a 'honeytrap spy' stole secrets about the new F-35B jet.

First F-35B vertical landing

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has refuted claims made in The Mail on Sunday that secrets about the new F-35B jets were leaked in a honeytrap plot. 

A report in the newspaper claims: "In a sophisticated sting operation, the profile of an RAF airwoman on dating app Tinder was hacked, allowing a spy, posing as the woman, to contact RAF servicemen and sweet-talk at least one into revealing details about the F-35 Lightning II fighter."

The article, on the front page of the newspaper, was headlined: "Honeytrap spy stole secrets of new RAF jet."

The article goes onto say: "While the RAF say 'little information' was lost, any breach of security around the F-35 will be seen as deeply damaging and highly embarrassing by service chiefs."

A warning has now been issued to all RAF personnel about “online social engineering”:

In a statement, an RAF spokesperson denied any information had been lost, saying: "No F-35 secrets have been stolen, as the headline inaccurately claims.

"No F-35 information of a sensitive or classified nature has been disclosed via a dating site.

"The member of RAF personnel involved is not even associated with the F-35 programme."