Missing Argentine Submarine

MoD Denies Claims That Missing Argentine Sub Was Being "Chased" By Royal Navy Helicopter

Missing Argentine Submarine

The Ministry of Defence has denied claims that a missing Argentine submarine was being “chased” by a Royal Navy helicopter.

The submarine went missing in November with 44 crew on board and is yet to be found.

The claim has been made by the sister of one of the missing crew-members, who said that she received a “strange” WhatsApp message from her brother, Roberto Daniel Medina, just days before the vessel was lost.

Argentina’s La Gaceta newspaper reported that the submariner allegedly sent her a message saying the ARA San Juan was being tracked by a Royal Navy helicopter near the Falkland Islands.

The message reportedly read:

"On Monday an English helicopter was looking for us, and yesterday the Chileans, there has been a lot going on."

Ms Medina said that she wishes the message to be included in an investigation by federal judge Marta Yanez.

However, the MOD has responded to the claims saying:

“This story is completely untrue”.

The crew of 44 are now feared dead, as experts have said that the oxygen supply on board could only last up to 10 days.

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