Trident Juncture troops

MOD Denies British Personnel Will Be 'Forced' Into Joining EU Army

It is in response to claims made by a campaign group in a national newspaper.

Trident Juncture troops

The Ministry of Defence has denied claims that British personnel could be forced to join a European Union (EU) army.

It is in response to claims made by a campaign group in a national newspaper.

The Government has said that UK support for European defence and security remains unconditional.

The UK is keen to continue to participate as a third country in the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy and defence industrial cooperation.

But an MOD statement released today made clear any talk of joining an EU Army is far off the mark.

A spokesperson said: "Claims that the UK could be forced into any form of EU Army are inaccurate.

"The UK has always made our own sovereign decisions on defence spending on where and how to deploy our Armed Forces.

"This will remain the case as we leave the EU."

In the past, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have publically mentioned a 'European Army', without going into more detail.

Britain has previously opposed moves to form an EU Army, preferring to focus on NATO.

NATO itself has urged against the formation of a European force, in case it leads to the alliance competing with the EU for resource.