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MOD Criticised For Failing To Dispose Of Obsolete Nuclear Submarines And British Troops On Exercise In Baltic Sea

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MOD Criticised For 'Dismal' Failure To Dispose Of Obsolete Nuclear-Powered Submarines

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has not disposed of any of its radioactive waste from any of the 20 submarines it has decommissioned since 2018, despite a government commitment from over 20 years ago.

The National Audit Office is warning that nine of the vessels still contain irradiated fuel and that failure to address the issue risks damaging the UK's international reputation as a "responsible nuclear power."

The Ministry of Defence says disposal is complex and challenging but it remains committed to secure and cost-effective de-fuelling and dismantling as soon as practically possible.

Decommissioned vessels are being stored at Devonport and Rosyth while arrangements are made to safely dispose of them and the radioactive waste they contain.

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Thousands Of British Troops On Exercise In Baltic Sea

Around two thousand British Armed Forces personnel are to be deployed to the Baltic Sea for a series of multi-national exercises to bolster European security.

The Ministry of Defence says sailors and Royal Marines will be joined by a thousand other personnel from UK-led high-readiness Joint Expeditionary Force nations for the 'Baltic Protector' deployment from May to July.

Personnel from the Army and RAF will also take part in maritime tactical exercises, amphibious drills, shore landings and naval manoeuvres.

Around 20 naval vessels - including Royal Navy ships - will be involved in the deployment.

RAF Cosford Launches Annual Air Show

RAF Cosford prides itself on holding one of the largest events in the West Midlands, welcoming over 50,000 visitors every year to the RAF's only official air show.

The theme of this year's six hour flying display on Sunday 9 June will be celebrating NATO's 70th anniversary as well as women in the RAF.

On the ground will be the static stars of the show including the Tornado GR4 which officially retired at the end of March after a career of almost 40 years.

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