RAF Reaper UAV (MoD Handout)

MOD Confirms August Strikes On Daesh

Two RAF Reaper Attacks came within the space of one week in Iraq last month.

RAF Reaper UAV (MoD Handout)

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed two successful strikes on Daesh positions in Iraq.

RAF Reaper aircraft hit a Daesh command post in a cave in the north on 20 August, before leading an attack on a separate post on 26 August, it was announced.

The events came as part of daily flying missions under the Global Coalition to counter Daesh presence in Syria and Iraq.

Intelligence had confirmed a leadership contingent from the terror group had established a cave network 85 miles from Kirkuk, before the first RAF strike.

Having swept the target area for signs of civilians, the Reaper fired one Hellfire missile – an observed blast visible from another part of the cave indicating the weapon hit deep inside the network.

Less than one week later, an RAF Reaper maintained surveillance on another set of caves.

Confirmation of an extremist presence on the site was followed by another Hellfire missile strike and the arrival of two coalition jets.

The Reaper supported the aircraft as they continue to strike the rest of the position.

Cover image: RAF Reaper (Picture: MOD).