Members of 77th Brigade on exercise in Bosnia

MOD Calls On Public To Be Alert After 'Suspicious Behaviour' At Army Base

Warning follows newspaper report of Russian TV crew filming outside barracks of specialist unit.

Members of 77th Brigade on exercise in Bosnia

Members of 77th Brigade, a specialist unit comprising soldiers with media skills on exercise in Bosnia in 2015.

The Ministry of Defence is calling on the public to report suspicious behaviour outside military bases after a newspaper report that a Russian TV crew prompted an alert at an Army base in Berkshire. 

The Mail on Sunday said a vehicle containing two men had been recorded by the base's security cameras and the occupants had been seen filming close to the perimeter fence.

The report also claims the men approached the main gates of Dennison Barracks and presented themselves as members of the Russian media, who were making enquires.

The newspaper says they were turned away.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said: "We take the security of our bases and personnel incredibly seriously.

"If a member of the public sees anyone acting suspiciously in or around a military base it should be reported to the police as a matter of urgency."

Dennison Barracks is home to 77th Brigade, a specialist unit made up of regular and reserve soldiers with media skills.

The 400-strong unit was set up in 2015 and is reported to include personnel from the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and RAF.

At the time the former Armed Forces Minister Mark Francois said 77th Brigade is the new name for the Security Assistance Group. Its continuing role includes:

Providing support, in conjunction with other Government agencies, to efforts to build stability overseas and to wider defence diplomacy and overseas engagement;

Leading on Special Influence Methods, including providing information on activities, key leader engagement, operations security and media engagement."