'Mission Automotive': Jump Starting A Veteran's Career

The new project will put businesses in touch with forces' leavers.

A new charitable partnership that aims to help service leavers and veterans to get jobs in the automotive industry, has been launched at the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson MP was at the launch as “Mission Automotive” was given the green light.

Mr Williamson insisted the companies weren't doing the service personnel a "favour", on the contrary, it was them that benefited from the veterans "immense wealth of talent."

He added that the companies get someone with a "sense of loyalty, skill and discipline" by employing a veteran."

"It benefits them and we'd really encourage them to take advantage of that."

When questioned on whether the Ministry of Defence was doing enough to support former personnel into a second career, Mr Williamson replied: "I think we're making great strides."

Veteran Colin Murphy Mission Motorsport Credit BFBS 070319
Veteran Colin Murphy left the Royal Navy and now works at Jaguar Land Rover.

For Colin Murphy, leaving the military was a "daunting" period trying to find work. 

He left the Royal Navy after a Rugby accident but now works for Jaguar Land Rover on their armoured cars to protect government officials.

Mr Murphy said:

"It was extremely daunting and terrifying," he said after leaving the Royal Navy and had to find a new career.

"But with the help of Mission Motorsport, they guided me along a path and pointed me in the right direction."

The aim of Military Automotive is to make it easier for service leavers, by linking them up with companies who are looking for people with military skills.

Mission Motorsport launch Credit BFBS 070319
More help will now be on offer for veterans wanting to join the car industry.

Chief Executive Officer of Mission Motorsport, James Cameron, says the skills personnel pick up in the military are easily transferable into the vehicle trade.

"Driving and vehicle-related traits are the largest trade group across all three services and there are lots of skills that directly relate across to those.

"But all of the soft skills that come with being in the military are superb to help people deliver projects on time and on budget.

Grant McPherson, the Manufacturing Director of Jaguar Land Rover echoed Mr Cameron's comments saying they also bring "team ethic" to the table.

From Thursday more help will be on offer for veterans considering a career in the car industry.