Lance Corporal Craig Daniels Given Award For Saving Soldier's Life

LCpl Daniels saved the life of a comrade who had been crushed by a tipper truck just outside Catterick Garrison.

Catterick Garrison is one of the busiest military bases in the country.

For Lance Corporal Craig Daniels, on duty in the guardroom, it was to be a night shift like no other.

At just after 5am a soldier was hit by a truck and lay, critically injured, on the busy main road.  

Taking control of the situation and under immense pressure, Craig’s actions were the difference between life and death for a fellow soldier.

Calmly stopping traffic, calling an ambulance and giving life-saving first aid.

"Just had to talk to him and try to reassure him that he's OK... and keep him in that place," said LCpl Daniels.

He didn't know how badly the truck had injured his comrade.

"With a tipper truck... there's about eight wheels at the back- so he's had a minimum, maybe, of about four wheels that have gone over him.

"At this point he was starting to come to, and a bit of an adrenaline-rush was going through him. He was trying to get himself up."

Worried for further injuries, LCpl Daniels restrained his fellow service member.

This decision was crucial.

Pelvic and lower-limb trauma, alongside heavy blood-loss, made injuries "one of the worst" seen by Jack Cornforth - a Paramedic for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

LCpl Daniels' name now features on the skin of the injured soldier's family members.

"I was concerned that he wouldn't pull through," said Mr Cornforth.

Lieutenant Colonel William Colquhoun, Commanding officer at the Infantry Training Centre in Catterick Garrison, said: "You couldn't react in a better way than he did.

"Without him, there's no two ways about it, that soldier would have died on the road."

As the ambulance crew worked on the soldier, Lance Corporal Daniels didn’t stop there.

The road had been sealed off, cutting off access to the base.

He had the presence of mind to go back to the guardroom and open an alternative entrance to make sure normal service for the garrison could be resumed.

"Your training just sort of kicks in," LCpl Daniels said.

"You don't really have that time to think because someone's life's in your hands."

The lance corporal sought help in the aftermath of the event.

The injured soldier, still recovering in hospital more than a year after the accident, has become a firm friend - with family members tattooing the Daniels' name on their bodies in tribute to his bravery.

Lance Corporal Craig Daniels was presented with the 'Hero at Home - Individual' award at The Sun Military Awards.

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