All Call Signs - Supporting The Armed Services

All Call Signs is a support group offering support to struggling veterans - whether over the phone, in person or online.

All Call Signs is a service that provides support to veterans who are struggling - in person, over the phone and online.

It was founded by SJ James and Dan Arnold - both veterans of Second Battalion, The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment - after their friend and army colleague Danny Johnston took his own life.

He went missing in May 2018 and his body was discovered in woodland after a four-day search.

Dan told Forces News: "I couldn't believe it, someone like Danny thought he had no other option but to do that."

Less than two months later, the All Call Signs idea became fully formed.

The All Call Signs shop front.

If a veteran goes missing, they put the word out on social media. Millions can be reached online, while All Call Signs' volunteers - trained in search techniques - join the physical search.

But SJ and Dan hope to reach those in need before it comes to that.

Anybody can walk in off the street and have a chat with them in their shop in Southsea.

"We have people walk past the front of this office over and over again, looking in, just trying to get a feel for the place before they actually push the door open and come in and talk to us," SJ said.

"That's why we felt it was really, really important that we had something that was front-facing - a shop front," he added.

The service has been praised by Danny Johnston's mother, Viv, who said: "To me personally, it means something... something good came out of my son's death, which means everything."

A tragic event galvanised the team, which is determined to offer as much support as it can to the veteran community.

All Call Signs won the 'Supporting the Armed Forces' award at The Sun Military Awards.

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