Military Wives Experience Weekend On Exercise

Spouses of the Queen’s Royal Hussars learn about husband's roles...

A group of army wives in Germany have been spending a weekend marching on parade grounds, handling weapons and eating rations in a bid to build a better understanding of life in the military. 

Lt Nick Mellis of The Queen’s Royal Hussars said the aim of the weekend was to hopefully strengthen the relationship between partners.

"The idea of it is to have some of the most important people in some of our soldiers lives come out here and see a bit of what they do"

One of the highlights of the weekend was a tour of a Challenger II tank, before the group had to put on protective clothing and spend the night in the open.

QRH wife, Camille Campbell-Wild, said the weekend had given her a new respect for the extreme conditions her husband had to deal with on an exercise. 

"On the flip side he needs to realise how hard it is having three young kids at home by himself"