Bloody Sunday mural on house in Londonderry

Veterans Return NI Medals In Protest Of Bloody Sunday Investigation Outcome

SAS Who Dares Win star Mark Billingham is among the group of veterans who have sent their medals to the Government.

Bloody Sunday mural on house in Londonderry

A group of veterans have returned their Northern Ireland medals to the Government in protest at the decision to bring charges against a former British soldier over the Bloody Sunday shootings in Londonderry.

It was confirmed last month that 'Soldier F' will face prosecution for the murders of James Wray and William McKinney and the attempted murders of Joseph Friel, Michael Quinn, Joe Mahon and Patrick O'Donnell.

One of the those returning their service medals is former Corporal Jim Kenyon, who said via social media that they were also sending 23 white feathers to the Prime Minister and her cabinet to represent "cowardice".

Former Special Forces Mountain Troop specialist and SAS Who Dares Win star Mark Billingham is also among the veterans to have sent their medals to the Government.

Entering Free Derry sign on slab in Londonderry

A Government spokesperson said:

"We are indebted to the soldiers who served with courage and distinction to bring peace to Northern Ireland.

"Although the decision to prosecute was taken by the Northern Ireland Public Prosecution Service, which is independent from Government, we will offer full legal and pastoral support to the individual affected."

Earlier this month, Forces News spoke to one of the soldiers investigated in relation to the deaths of 13 civil rights protesters on Bloody Sunday in 1972.

Sergeant 'O' was one of 17 former members of 1st Battalion, Parachute Regiment to have their actions in Northern Ireland examined and said he felt like he was cast aside after it was decided he would not face charges.