Two D-Day Veterans Awarded Legion D'Honneur During Normandy Reunion

The former personnel attended a lunch on board a cruise ship.

A group of Normandy veterans, who joined a cruise ship chartered by the Royal British Legion to mark D-Day 75, has been reunited.

Almost 20 veterans from across the West Midlands were invited to a reunion lunch at the Legion's Pop-In Centre in Birmingham to relive their D-Day 75 voyage.

The D-Day landings marked one of the most remarkable Allied wartime operations and the biggest amphibious invasion in history. 

Two of the veterans in attendance were also presented with the Legion d'Honneur medal, France's highest honour.

The veterans were part of the voyage back to Normandy, 75 years on from the historic events (Picture: Royal British Legion).

Fred Hill was rewarded for his role in beach communications on D-Day. He said: "I can say hairs stood on the back of my neck, you get a fizzle in your side... like all good things in life."

In June, he joined 200 other veterans on the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings for a week-long voyage back to Normandy.

Vincent Percy was a medical orderly and landed on Juno beach on 6 June 1944, injecting injured soldiers with morphine.

Mr Percy also received a medal at the event, giving Forces News an insight into the events on D-Day.

He said:

"We had to put the letter 'M' on their foreheads, to show that they'd had morphine... even if it was with dirt"

He also remembered treating a 16-year-old German soldier during the day's events, which took thousands of lives:

"He'd just had both legs blown off, and he died in my arms, that was the last German I treated on the beach."