Online Roll Of Honour For Royal Scots Who Died During WWII

The new digital resource commemorates those who lost their lives in the Second World War.

An online roll of honour to commemorate the members of the Royal Scots who died during the Second World War has been launched.

The new digital resource also features interviews from veterans of the conflict and their families reflecting on their experience during the war.

"It is very close to the hearts of the whole of the Royal Scots regimental family," said Retired Colonel Martin Gibson, who is a Trustee at the Royal Scots Museum.

"We owe it to those who went before us. We owe it to their families as well."

The Royal Scots Museum has been working with St Andrews University to develop a special online roll of honour to commemorate those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. 

"These people gave their lives for us," said Dr Bess Rhodes, from St Andrews University.

Royal Scots troops during World War Two
The online resource is the result of a collaboration between the Royal Scots and St Andrews University (Picture: Royal Scots Museum).

However, she added, not all their names are currently known by the general public.

"It is really important that there is a memorial available that brings all of these names together in one place that can be accessed from anywhere in the world," Dr Rhodes said.

The stories of those who fought in the regiment have been captured for posterity, aiming to keep the tales of bravery and sacrifice alive for the next generations.

"One can read about the [Second World War], but to hear from someone who was there it is so valuable," said Paul Diffley, from Hot Aches Productions.

While a lot of work has been done, it is hoped more people with a connection to the Royal Scots will come forward to help expand this digital resource and leave an enduring legacy for future generations to enjoy.