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New Centre Opens For Relatives Of Personnel Undergoing Treatment

Norton House has officially opened to help families stay together whilst a loved one undergoes treatment.

Armed Forces charity SSAFA has officially opened its accommodation centre for families whose loved ones are being treated at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre.

Norton House is designed to act as a base to the families of patients while they go through the rehabilitation process.

SSAFA's Kirsty Bushell says the house allows families "to come together" and "do the small family acts together".

Ms Bushell added that the house allows you "to spend time together in a supported environment".

Norton House living room Credit BFBS 290519
A snapshot of a living room inside Norton House.

The accommodation has been fully refurbished with bedrooms that are flexible to home a range of families.

Royal Marines Corporal Seb Billings is already benefiting from the facility, along with his partner and their seven-week-old baby.

Cpl Billings is undergoing rehab for a serious leg injury that was caused during a training exercise.

Cpl Billings uses Norton House with his partner and baby Credit BFBS 290519
Cpl Billings and his family are using the house as a base while he undergoes treatment.

"I've been on and off here since early December," he said.

Being under one roof has meant the family can come together after his treatments.

"We can have dinner together."

His partner, Marianne Booth, says the facility has helped him bond more with his child.

"It means as well that he can spend the quality time with her that he would have missed out on if we didn't get to come here," she said.

Norton House also benefits from communal spaces and a fully equipped kitchen, with each room having allocated storage space.

It is designed to bring normality and help keep families together during difficult times.

Norton House kitchen Credit BFBS 290519
Inside Norton House's kitchen.