A dog that’s helped an Army veteran cope with his PTSD has been named the most caring animal in the UK.

Springer Spaniel Irma was given the prize at the Animal Hero Awards - for helping former Royal Engineer Paul Wilkie cope with his illness.

Paul Wilkie served in the army for 22 years - and saw action in the Falklands, Bosnia and Iraq.

An incident after he left the military sparked flashbacks from his time in the Balkans.

With the support of Irma - and his duck North who always joins them on their walks - Paul’s learning to cope with his illness.   Irma was given to the Paul by Bravehound -  a charity donates dogs to veterans who need support, last year.

As well as offering companionship - the veterans are encouraged to train the dogs - helping them with their transition to civilian life.

Irma has now been recognised for helping Paul’s recovery - by being named the UK’s most caring animal.

And Paul says the relationship they’ve built over the past twelve months has had a big impact.