Military Chefs Prepare For International Cooking Competition

The team will be up against top international chefs from 14 other teams at a world culinary competition in Luxemburg.

A team from the military is preparing to take part in one of the world’s biggest cooking competitions next month.

The combined services culinary arts team have been having a final run-through before they travel to Luxembourg to take part in the Culinary World Cup.

It's held every four years and includes around 4,000 civilian and military chefs.

Corporal Liam Grime, the Team Captain and RAF chef, says this year's competition has a specific theme on budgeting and food waste.

"The theme they've set this year is 'chefs against waste'. 

"So we've had to adapt and come up with a menu where we've had very minimal waste and being restricted with a budget of five euros per head as well." 

culinary arts team

Judges will look at core elements of the cooking from teamwork to presentation and how they followed the brief set.

In their final rehearsal, they set the challenge of cooking for 150 diners in just five hours from scratch.

After hours of cooking, it seemed the meals went down a success.

Guests were more than pleased with the results with some saying the food looked and tasted like it from a Michelin star restaurant. 

With another saying "I am massively impressed with how well they've created such a spread with just four people in the kitchen."

culinary arts team

After the service, team captain Cpl Grime added:

"I couldn't have asked for a better run through.

"The other three chefs that I've got with me have never done this before.

"We've finished fourth in the world in this event before but we'd like to push on in this event and finish a little bit higher - perhaps in the top three this year."