Military Charity Launches Branch To Support LGBTQ+ Community

The Royal British Legion says the community is under-represented.

A military charity has launched a branch for the LGBTQ+ community to help tackle isolation and loneliness within the community.

The Royal British Legion (RBL) says the community is under-represented, and that the new Brighton-based branch is available for anyone to use in the UK.

The launch comes almost 19 years to the day since a ban on gay, lesbian and bi personnel serving in the Armed Forces was lifted.

The RBL also says the new branch will recognise the contribution made to the military by the LGBTQ+ community and to raise awareness of the charity's services.

The charity says it hopes the move will encourage more people to seek support should they need it.

The RBL's Marc Edwards says: "We're not pigeonholing ourselves to say that all we support is LGBTQ+.

"We support their allies, we support their families. We support the people that are around them, that love them," he said.

"Not everyone has a positive experience within our tri-service... however, the Armed Forces are working extremely hard to make sure that they are supporting people who identify as LGBTQ, and if they don't feel supported in one way or another they know they can always turn to us," Mr Edwards continued.

The LGBTQ+ branch is open to serving personnel, veterans, and civilians from across the UK. Anyone who wishes to become a member can visit: