Mike Penning

Mike Penning Sacked As Armed Forces Minister

The former Armed Forces Minister held his seat in the general election but has failed to keep his government position.

Mike Penning

Mike Penning has been sacked by Theresa May from his position as Armed Forces Minister.

The Prime Minister is in the middle of a reshuffle following Thursday's general election. 

The Conservatives are forming a minority government, and are currently in talks with the DUP.

The former defence minister held his seat in Hemel Hempstead in last week's general election, with 55% of the vote, but has failed to keep hold of his government position.

He has held the seat since 2005 and has been a minister within the Ministry of Defence since 2016.

Mr Penning joined the British Army after leaving school, joining the Grenadier Guards and serving in tours of Northern Ireland, Germany and Kenya.

Previously, he has generally been in favour of updating the UK's nuclear defence system and has supported investigations into the Iraq War.

Mr Penning's replacement has not yet been announced by the Prime Minister.

Forces News spent election night with Mike Penning as he was re-elected.