Reservist Bake Off Winner Sophie Faldo: 'I Spotted Spoiler Tweet'

Army reservist and Great British Bake Off winner Sophie Faldo has told BFBS Radio she was the person who spotted Prue Leith mistakenly...

Army reservist and Great British Bake Off winner Sophie Faldo has told BFBS Radio she was the person who spotted Prue Leith mistakenly announcing the result before the programme aired.

Speaking to Richard Hatch and Verity Geere on the Forces Radio breakfast show after last night's tense final showdown, the 34-year-old said 'accidents happen' and 'we all still love Prue very much'.

The new judge had tweeted: "No-one told me judging a GBBO final would be so emotional. I wanted them all to win", before saying 'bravo' to Sophie.

Realising her mistake, she swiftly deleted the post - but by then it had already been seen by some of the show's army of fans. She said:

But her slip did not overshadow Sophie's success, and she beat co-finalists Steven Carter-Bailey and Kate Lyon to the top spot after stunning the judges for a tenth week with her myriad culinary skills.

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Sophie Faldo with co-finalists Steven Carter-Bailey and Kate Lyon. (Picture: Mark Bourdillon/Channel 4/PA Wire)

Afghanistan veteran Sophie, who still serves as a reservist in the Royal Artillery, said of the incident:

"I was actually the one who spotted it! About 30 seconds after she posted it, it came up on my Twitter feed and I alerted the 'Leith camp' to it, who removed it a couple of minutes later."

"But unfortunately... with Twitter, once the horse has bolted [there's not a lot you can do].

"I've spoken to her and I know she's devastated but we all still love Prue very much... Accidents happen and it's not a big deal."

Faldo, who is training to be a stuntwoman, said she's happy the secret is now out:

"It's actually a bit of a relief, because we've been keeping the secret for quite a while now, so it's nice that it's out there."

She also spoke about whether the scrutiny surrounding the show had affected the contestants, after its move from the BBC to Channel 4:

"You don't really think too much about the show when you're in the tent. It's very much what you've got to do [and] the bakes you've been given... We really were very focused on that. The fact that there were cameras and people about was incidental really."

"[Presenters Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding] were absolutely brilliant. I've got huge respect for them. They really made us feel at ease.

"They were lovely to us and they're... so quick-witted as well. The jokes that were going round, the banter, was just fantastic."

And she said "hands down", the best thing about being on the show was working alongside her fellow constestants:

"We genuinely all got on really, really well. You do feel like you're part of a bit of a family."

Throughout the 30 bakes she presented on the show, Faldo was twice named star baker and received the coveted Hollywood handshake.

Great British Bake Off

The 34-year-old previously said her military career helped her to prepare for the pressures in the tent.

"The skills required to work through a high-pressure situation are exactly the same," she said.

"The only difference is no one will die if you muck up your cake... unless you muck it up really badly!"

As well as enjoying the "brotherhood" of the Bake Off family, which she said reminded her of her time in the forces, she said her favourite part of the show was patisserie week.

She said: "I am not sure where I will go from here. It would be wonderful to write a patisserie book, but let's see what comes my way. I would like to try travelling the world for inspiration for starters."

Faldo's victory concludes the first Bake Off series since the programme moved from the BBC to Channel 4 after last year's run.

The show's debut on Channel 4 served up one of the biggest audiences in the station's 35-year history, with full ratings for the August launch a massive 9.5 million.

Cover pictures courtesy of Mark Bourdillon/Channel 4/PA Wire.

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