Meet The Wounded Royal Marines Now Helping Dogs Recover

James Hill and Scott Candlish were both wounded while serving, and their military dogs killed.

Two Royal Marines are building new lives for themselves as hydrotherapy practitioners for dogs.

James Hill and Scott Candlish were both wounded while serving and their military dogs were killed. 

One of the dogs the two have been helping is 12-year-old Sam, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who has been walking on three legs for almost a decade.

With the advance in canine technology, Sam can still get around well, but his limbs have began to seize up.

Hydrotherapy with James is helping Sam move around more easily.

The 29°C water in the pool helps soothe the dogs' bodies, while the buoyancy of the water and floats worn by the animals enables them to move without pressure.

Due to each dog reacting differently to the water, it means the team must offer tailored support.

Sam the staffie before hydrotherapy 091019 CREDIT BFBS.jpg
Sam the Staffie has three legs and goes to hydrotherapy sessions.

Both James and Scott received treatment at Headley Court Rehabilitation Centre following their injuries.

James sustained multiple fractures in his legs and his helmet was hit by rounds.

"I kind of knew that my career was over and that you need to plan," said James Hill.

Hydrotherapy was one of the treatments that helped them make a full recovery.

"I was not too sure myself [about hydrotherapy], but the first thing you notice is the warmth of the water and it does relax you," James continued.