Meet The Veteran Bodybuilder Who Used To Face Arnold Schwarzenegger

Eighty-year-old Brian House still works and trains at his gym in York.

A veteran signaller who went on to win several bodybuilding titles says he has the military to thank for his lifelong passion.

Eighty-year-old Brian House, who served in both the Royal Artillery and the Yorkshire Regiment, still works and trains at his gym in York.

Brian’s bodybuilding career began during his service in Cyprus, where he worked as a radar operator.

He and other troops persuaded some local residents to provide them with weights and a bench, so they could work out after their shifts.

Over the course of his bodybuilding career, Brian has competed against 'The Terminator' Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, who went on to play 'The Incredible Hulk' on TV during the 1970s, and David Prowse, who was the body for Darth Vader, in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Brian has won the Mr Yorkshire, Mr Great Britain and finished fourth in the Mr Universe competition.

He said he faced Arnie "three or four times", but never won a title against him.

However, he did manage to beat him in one category:

"In the first Mr Universe, Arnold won the best back, he won the best chest, he won the best arms, but [I] won the best legs."

Brian started bodybuilding while serving in Cyprus (Image: Brian House).

After leaving the military, Brian set up his own gym in York, which is now run by his daughter Julie.

Brian says he still helps out by training some of the clients: "Everyone likes to look reasonably good.

"I never wanted to be a monster...but I wanted to look better than I looked at the time."

The 80-year-old veteran and former bodybuilder still works out at his gym in York.