Mark Ormrod: Triple Amputee Veteran Smashes £400k Fundraising Target

Mark Ormrod completed a 1,000m open water swim in Plymouth to raise money for charity.

Triple amputee Afghanistan veteran Mark Ormrod has completed an open sea charity swim, reaching his fundraising target of £400,000 in the process.

The former Royal Marine was looking to raise the money for REORG – a charity that looks to help veterans through teaching them Jiu-Jitsu.

He completed the 1km swim from Drake's Island to the Plymouth coastline this morning, with former Veterans Minister Johnny Mercer and ex-Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies among those to greet him at the finish.

The 37-year-old Mark Ormrod lost both his legs and an arm in 2007 after an improvised explosive device (IED) exploded, making him the UK's first triple amputee to survive the Afghanistan conflict.

After completing his swim, he told BBC Breakfast: "That last bit was rough.

"We got caught, you saw we drifted off quite a bit, because of that current and the tide… but we made it, so, happy days."

Earlier this week, Mr Ormrod told Forces News about the challenges he faced while preparing for the swim.

"It's been a little bit challenging in that when I first jumped into a swimming pool, so freshwater, after I had lost my limbs, I found that if I didn't have air in my lungs, that I sank," he said.

"So, I developed a whole new swimming technique based around that and then when I jumped in the sea, and it's salt water, and I've got a wetsuit on, I found the opposite and I was super buoyant.

"The things you can do with the human body is phenomenal and I know I'm missing a few bits and pieces from that body, but I can still do some really cool things by adapting and adjusting what I do.

"So I get excited, it's like an adventure, every new event is like an adventure where I go into it completely new, most of the time, and then try and figure things out as we go," he added.

The veteran has raised more than £411,000 through his JustGiving page.