London Reservists Return To Ceremonial Training

It is the first time Honourable Artillery Company has conducted ceremonial training since coronavirus restrictions were imposed in March.

Soldiers from Honourable Artillery Company (HAC), the City of London’s Army Reserve Regiment, have resumed ceremonial training after it was put on hold due to coronavirus.

For 40 of the HAC soldiers who are returning to training, it will include a familiarisation course in using the 105mm Light Gun - the regiment’s traditional firearm.

The Light Gun, originally designed for combat, is used by the regiment for ceremonial duties such as gun salutes at the Tower of London to showcase the unit's skill in military displays.

HAC has been a mainstay in the City of London for centuries and often conducts military displays for royal and state occasions.

Forty of the unit's personnel have begun the training with the Light Gun (Picture: MOD).

The soldiers operate in five-person formations when using the Light Gun, and train with the weapon using drill rounds which replicate the blank rounds used on royal salutes.

Personnel in the unit have seen a wide range of deployment, operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan and most recently, have deployed across the UK, supporting the NHS in the country's response to COVID-19.

Lieutenant Colonel Jon Chorley, Commanding Officer of the HAC said: "Our regiment has an incredibly long and rich history of providing a professional and extremely flexible force to support our regular counterparts on operations, as well as undertaking an important ceremonial function. 

"It is important that our soldiers remain current and competent in all of the roles expected of them and Sunday’s course is a crucial step in our gradual return to training across the unit."

Cover image: MOD.