The Lifesaving Horses Helping Veterans Fight Depression

An Iraq veteran whose PTSD nearly drove him to suicide is hoping to help others battle back from depression.

Tam Carroll says working with horses has helped turn his life around and now he’s hoping to set up an equine therapy centre in Scotland to help more formers soldiers.

Working with horses has helped Tam Carroll, a former soldier, turn his life around.

Tam Carroll turned to drink, drugs and crime after serving with the army in Iraq.

His ongoing battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - nearly drove him to suicide.

Tam served with the army for six years and also worked in private security while in Iraq.

He returned home after being injured in an explosion - and that’s when his problems began.

Feeling alone and isolated - his battle with PTSD nearly claimed his life.

Now he wants to make sure others don’t suffer in silence.

Tam is hoping to turn his farm in Kinross-shire into a 38-acre Warrior Ranch to helps other veterans.

Work is already underway for a round pen to help train veterans in horsemanship.

There are plans to renovate the derelict barn into a learning centre.

Equine therapy encourages the veteran to build a connection with the horse.

They have to have a settled mental state for the horse to respond.

This helps them build on the social skills they need in their civilian life.

Tam is still raising funds for his big vision as the hopes to lead more veterans like him to a better life.

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