Labour Promise Military Personnel 'Proper Wage'

The party has also made pledges on welfare support, housing and schools.

The Labour Party has promised military personnel a pay rise, during the first full week of General Election campaigning.

The party says British servicemen and women will get improved welfare support, "decent housing" for personnel and their families, and better access to schools for their children.

In an interview with the BBC, Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry said her party wants servicemen and women to get a "proper wage".

"We ask them to make the ultimate sacrifice and the least thing we can do it give them some decent pay," she said.

"They have effectively had a pay cut over the last few years and we think that's wrong."

Housing at Bulford
The Labour Party says it wants "decent housing" for personnel.

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has also promised a Labour government would ensure British troops are never again deployed in "unnecessary or unjust" military conflict.

The Conservative Party has also launched a series of measures, including a veterans railcard and promise to give veterans increased protection from legal action by changing the law.

Today has also seen the Conservative Party launch a series of measures aimed at military personnel, including a promise to give veterans increased protection from historical legal actions by changing the law.