Labour Manifesto Proposes Full Strategic Defence Review

The proposals for defence also include better service accomodation, an end to the public sector pay cap and support for the renewal of the...

The Labour Party 2017 manifesto has been officially launched in Bradford today.

The Party proposes to order a complete Strategic Defence Review, commits to international cooperation with NATO and the EU and restates 'support for the renewal of the Trident nuclear deterrent'.

It also pledges to spend at least 2% of national income (GDP) on defence and to end the public sector pay cap - promising forces pay and living conditions "that their service merits".

Corbyn's Party also announced that they will "drive up standards  in service accommodation" and give greater autonomy in housing choices.

Labour's key points on defence:

Labour Launch Election Manifesto

However, they were forced to reiterate support for a like-for-like replacement of the four Trident submarines after Mr Corbyn said that the deterrent would be included in a strategic defence review if he won power.

The launch follows the leaking of a draft of the manifesto last week with policies including reversing benefits cuts and boosting workers' rights.

Jeremy Corbyn says the party is offering a "radical and responsible" programme while contrasting their support for the "many" to the "mean-spirited" Tories.

Nia Griffith, Labour's shadow defence secretary, has turned down an invitation to be at the party's manifesto launch.

She was conspicuous by her absence among shadow cabinet colleagues flanking the Labour leader as he launched the party's policies.

A source close to Ms Griffith confirmed she had been invited but wanted to be out campaigning in her Llanelli constituency.

Ms Griffith, whose support for Trident is at odds with the personal views of Mr Corbyn, was also notably absent from the leader's speech on foreign and defence policy in London on Friday.

While Mr Corbyn's plans are being assessed by the public, press and political rivals, Lib Dem leader Tim Farron will unveil the Party's manifesto tomorrow.

Meanwhile, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon will be in South Queensferry today marking a decade of her party being in government, while in Wales Leanne Wood will launch Plaid Cymru's manifesto.

Cover picture courtesy of Twitter/Jeremy Corbyn.