AJAX New Camouflage Look

Krazy Khaki: The Most Bizarre Camouflage Ever Used

AJAX New Camouflage Look

We've been looking at the weird world of military camo...

First World War Dazzle Camouflage

Dazzle camouflage was used by the Royal Navy and then the United States Navy in the First World War.

It was designed to make it harder for U-boats to see which direction a ship was facing – thus making it harder to fire a well-aimed torpedo.

However, it was never proven whether the designs were successful or not.  

Artist's depiction of a periscope view of a ship in dazzle camouflage and how it obscures a ship's heading.
Artist's depiction of a periscope-view of a ship in dazzle camouflage and how it obscures a ship's heading.

The Pink Panther

The pink Land Rover (below) was of the type operated by the SAS Mobility Troop.

Desert pink was used in the Africa Campaign in WW2; saw use between the 60s and 80s, and was reportedly used by the SAS in the Gulf War.

The pink paint was believed to be the best camouflage in the desert, especially at dawn and dusk.

Pink Panther Land Rover SAS

Tanks Disguised as Tigers?

During the Korean War, American M46 Patton tanks were painted with tiger heads.

It’s thought it was used to try and demoralise enemy forces.

Chinese and Koreans see the tiger as a symbol of power.

US Tanks painted with tigers in Korea

Is it a Ship or an Island?

When the Dutch East Indies fell to the Japanese in 1941 the Allies’ ships in the area were ordered to flee to Australia.

Most Dutch ships were scuttled or destroyed by the Japanese but HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen’s captain used crazy camouflage to escape.

He disguised the moving ship as a small island and it was the last Allied ship to escape the Dutch East Indies. 


Afghan National Army Forrest Camo

Two months ago, a report was released by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction criticising the choice of camouflage used by the Afghan National Army.

The report criticises the US government for spending $28 million on a pattern handpicked by the former Afghan minister of defence, Abdul Rahim Wardak.

Despite the US owning rights to many visually similar patterns, it was a camouflage created and owned by HyperStealth Biotechnology Corporation that was selected.

A pattern designed for use in forests remains an unusual choice for a desert country – with only around 2% of its land being covered by woodland.  

Afghan National Army Forrest Camo

Shark Repellent Wet Suits

It sounds like something Adam West might ask for in a Batman and Robin episode but these are actually real.

Created by Shark Mitigation Systems, the wetsuits are designed to hide surfers or divers from sharks.

But as useful as these suits may be, they do not come cheap.

Shark Repellent Wetsuit