His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan has represented Her Majesty The Queen at the Sovereign's Parade at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

The Parade marks the completion of a year's intensive training for 196 officer cadets from the UK and 33 from 14 overseas countries.

The King inspected the officer cadets who were officially commissioned as officers in the British Army at midnight, including his own son, Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan.

After he graduated from Georgetown University in the US last year, with a degree in international history, the 22-year-old followed his father’s footsteps and enrolled at Sandhurst.

Back in March, Queen Rania posted a photo of the proud parents with the uniformed Crown Prince on Instagram with the caption ‘Beaming and proud as any parent would be’.

King Abdullah also proudly announced in his second ever tweet: ‘Seeing AlHussein in uniform reminds me of my Sandhurst days. Proud of you son.’

Crown Prince Hussein holds the rank of first lieutenant in the Jordanian Armed Forces.

Junior and intermediate cadets were also invited to the parade

All the officer cadets will return to their respective armies after the event.

The officer cadets have marched on to the Parade square.

During the ceremony, the Sword of Honour, the Overseas Sword and the Queen's Medal are awarded by the Sovereign's Representative to the top Officer Cadets.

The parade traditionally ends with the Adjutant riding his horse up the steps of Old College as he follows the graduating Officer Cadets through the Grand Entrance.