Katrice Lee

Katrice Lee Search Area 'Ruled Out' From Investigation

The latest search was brought to an end by the Royal Military Police at the end of last month.

Katrice Lee

An excavation site near a river in Paderborn has been ruled out of the investigation into the disappearance of Katrice Lee more than 36 years ago.

Royal Military Police (RMP) confirmed that a search of the area around the River Alme found no evidence relating to her disappearance.

Senior Investigating Officer Warrant Officer Class 1 Richard O'Leary said other lines of enquiry would now be focused upon.

Katrice Lee vanished on her second birthday on November 28, 1981 while out shopping with her mother, at a NAAFI shop on the outskirts of Paderborn, near the British military base in Germany where her father was stationed.

The latest search was brought to an end by the RMP at the end of last month.

Bone fragments were found during the search, but were dismissed by forensic experts as being associated with a child of Katrice’s age.

Katrice's father, Richard, said last month he has always believed his daughter was abducted.

Katrice Lee Man E-Fit
An e-fit showing the man seen driving the green car.

The Royal Military Police are appealing for further information regarding a man seen driving a green car at the time Katrice went missing.

They also want to speak to anyone who owned a green car in Paderborn at the time or knew someone who did.

The RMP are appealing for anyone with information regarding Katrice Lee's disappearance.

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