Katrice Lee: Father returns to where missing toddler disappeared almost 40 years ago

Katrice was two years old when she was last seen on 28 November 1981 in a NAAFI supermarket at Schloss Neuhaus, near Paderborn. 

The father of Katrice Lee has visited the place where his daughter vanished nearly four decades ago.

The toddler disappeared on 28 November 1981 – her second birthday – from a NAAFI shopping centre in Schloß Neuhaus near Paderborn in Germany.

The Lee family lived in Schloß Neuhaus while Katrice's father, Richard Lee, was serving as a sergeant in the British Army's 15th/19th King's Royal Hussars in Paderborn.

Renewed investigations were scaled back in December 2020 when military police announced that they will now only react to new lines of inquiry. 

But Katrice's father wants more to be done and has been promised a meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Mr Lee said: "I had two blissful years of Katrice growing up and then she was snatched away from us on her second birthday and that's the tragedy.

"I will now continue to keep Katrice's case, as best I can, in the media so that we can get the answers.

"Without keeping it in the media you will not get the answers."