Katrice Lee: Father 'lives in hope' for answers on missing daughter's 40th birthday

Katrice Lee disappeared exactly 38 years ago in Germany, on her second birthday.

The father of missing Katrice Lee, who disappeared as a toddler in Germany, says he "will not stop" searching for his daughter, on what is her 40th birthday.

Katrice Lee went missing on 28th November 1981 on her second birthday from the Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes (NAAFI) shopping centre near Paderborn in Germany.

The Lee family lived in Schloß Neuhaus, while Katrice's father, Richard Lee, was serving as a sergeant in the 15th/19th King's Royal Hussars in Paderborn.

As well as being Katrice's birthday, 28 November also marks 38 years since she disappeared.

Her father said he lives "in hope" as he took to Twitter to mark her birthday.

"Today is Katrice's birthday, she is now 40-years-old," Richard Lee said.

"l have missed 38 years of family life, l send my love, wherever you are, but as a dad l will not stop until I get answers, more importantly, l am so grateful for the support people have given to my family."

Mr Lee has always stood by the belief that his daughter was abducted.

Last year, a section of a riverbank was excavated as part of renewed investigations in Katrice's disappearance, but nothing was found.

Katrice Lee 2017 computer image
An e-fit image showing what Katrice could look like aged 38 (Picture: MOD).

Katrice went missing while shopping for treats for a birthday party from the British military supermarket.

Her mother realised in the checkout line she had forgotten crisps and asked her sister, Katrice's aunt, to watch her.

When she returned in what she has estimated was less than a minute, the toddler was gone.

In September, a former serviceman was released without charge after being arrested in connection with Katrice's disappearance.