James Cosmo: Game Of Thrones Star Announced As Honorary Colonel Of 7 SCOTS

Scottish actor James Cosmo has been announced as Honorary Colonel of 7th Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland.

The Game of Thrones star, 73, was asked to take up the prestigious role in 2019, before being confirmed for the appointment in late last year.

Mr Cosmo told BFBS Scotland it was "a great privilege" to be given the position, adding it was something he "never expected".

"This has been a wonderful opportunity and I’m so looking forward to getting involved with 7 SCOTS and contributing as much as I can."

Lieutenant Colonel Duncan Mackinnon, Commanding Officer of 7 SCOTS, said: "We are truly delighted that Colonel James has accepted this appointment. 

"We are really looking forward to having him visit, when restrictions allow, and meet his battalion to see what we do. 

"I have spoken with him on several occasions and I am really struck by his sense of duty and desire to help raise the profile of the battalion and the role reservists play in the Army and society."

The role of an Honorary Colonel is to foster 'esprit-de-corps' and show a genuine interest in the unit and personnel to which they are appointed, the Army in Scotland said.

They are there to represent the unit within both civilian and military communities whilst also taking on the role of a figurehead. 

Honorary Colonels do not need to have a background in the military but are chosen to best represent the people they serve.

7 SCOTS reservists during a training exercise last year (Picture: MOD).
7 SCOTS reservists during a training exercise last year (Picture: MOD).

Mr Cosmo said he was "absolutely not" going to sit back in the role and intends to be "hands-on".

"It has obviously been very difficult, almost impossible during the pandemic, but as that hopefully begins to tail off, I want to get up and meet my battalion and hopefully become part of that battalion for the period that I’m Honorary Colonel," he said.

"I’m also hoping to go out and visit as many units as I possibly can, wherever they’re deployed."

Lance Corporal David Bruce, from 7 SCOTS, said: "I think it's brilliant he has been made our Honorary Colonel – he was born in Clydebank so comes from our recruiting area.

"I think he will be great for us and help get more people to understand what the Army Reserve is and what we do."

Throughout his 55-year career, Mr Cosmo has played many military roles including Jeor Mormont, Lord Commander of the Night's Watch in HBO-hit Game of Thrones, and Lieutenant Colonel Philip Drysdale, Commanding Officer of The King’s Fusiliers, in Soldier Soldier.

His first film role was as a pilot in Battle of Britain, released in 1969.

He has also appeared in other films and TV series such as Braveheart, Troy, Trainspotting, Ben-Hur, Outlander, Death in Paradise, Silent Witness and Sons of Anarchy.

7 SCOTS is an Army Reserve Infantry Battalion based in Perth, central Scotland.

Its role is to support the Field Army by recruiting and training soldiers from across the northern half of Scotland, who then train to deploy alongside their regular counterparts.

The battalion has several specialisations, including anti-tank and Assault Pioneer capabilities.  

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