It's 'Snow' Problem: RAF Brize Norton Overcomes Icy Conditions To Remain Operational

Snow ploughs were brought in to make sure the snow and ice did not get the better of the aircrew.

Freezing conditions across the UK has brought parts of the country to a halt but snow and icy conditions are not stopping operations at RAF Brize Norton.

As part of Operation Blacktop, snow ploughs were called in to battle the elements and ensure the runway was fit for use.

Oxfordshire, home to RAF Brize Norton, is one of the worst hit areas of the country.

Snow plough RAF Brize Norton
Snow being cleared at RAF Brize Norton (Picture: MOD).

Last year's cold snap, dubbed the 'Beast From The East', provided the military with some challenging conditions. 

RAF Chinooks were called in to some of the UK's most remote areas like Cumbria and Chinook to provide vital supplies to those most affected by the conditions. 

Although this latest icy blast is not as widespread as the 'Beast From The East', parts of the military have still been battling the conditions: